"When customer service and safety is paramount you need a product that will deliver"

As sole distributor for Supertracker in Scotland you know that your new wheel alignment product will be the very best.

We offer a wide array of products suited to your business that can offer a significant improvement to both your service and profitability.

Please find a selection of our main products listed below with full specifications. If you do not find what you are looking for please give us a call to discuss your requirements.


  • Most popular aligner on the market
  • No Roll Back or Run Out required
  • As Driven Readings
  • No Special vehicle lifts required

Laser standard equipment

  • 2 x Measuring Heads including Wheel Hangers
  • 1 x 24" Wheel Hangers
  • 2 x Rear Scales
  • 1 x Steering Wheel Lock
  • 1 x Pair Dished Turn Plates
  • 1 x Pair Turn Plate Bases
  • 1 x Auto Data Chart
  • 1 x Instruction Book
  • On Illuminated Mobile Merchandising
  • Trolley c/w charging systems

Optional Extra's

  • Rim Button Extensions
  • Bearing Turn Plates
  • Run Up Ramps
  • Castor / Camber Upgrade Kit
  • Off Road Wheel Hangers
  • Low Spoiler Wheel Hangers
  • Cam Bolts
  • Auto Data Book


1. No cables on the heads No cables to become entangled. No plugs and sockets to become damaged, and no restrictions caused by cables.
2. Positive gravity wheel hangers Quick and simple fixing to the wheel.
3. 'As driven' readings The wheel hanger allows accurate 'As driven on the road' readings of all measurements - so vital on modern vehicles.
4. Wheel hangers & measuring heads... factory calibrated as a unit. Eliminates the need to jack each wheel and compensate for clamp run out, saves 60% of set up time.
5. Run out compensation if required. The ability to perform run out on damaged wheels.
6. Measuring heads contain no moving ... parts Low 'On costs' and greater reliability.
7. Perfect wheel rim contact No damage to aluminium or painted steel wheels.
8. Toe scales can be read from above and below the heads Toe readings are easily seen from above if the vehicle is on the floor, or below if the vehicle is on the ramp.
9. Large illuminated sign The 'Silent Salesman'. Easily seen giving good merchandising effect, with illustrations to help explain alignment and operating instructions.
10. Automatic recharge of batteries Batteries recharge when heads are returned to the charging unit, always ready for use.
11. Unrestricted use around the working area Measure alignment wherever you like - not restricted to one site.
12. Fits 12" to 24" wheels. This allows complete flexible across the whole range of modern wheels.

Upgrade Kit

Improved options

By ordering the upgrade kit your system will then be able to measure the stability angles of camber, caster and KPI.

Technical Specifications

Power Source 200-240V 5-60 Hz
Power Requirement max 500W
Wheel Diameter Cars 12" - 24"
Measuring Accuracy ± 0.25mm
Laser 1mW
Camber ± 0.10'
Caster ± 0.10'
Max weight on Turntables Cars light duty: 750 kg
Cars heavy duty: 1000 kg
Trucks heavy duty: 3500 kg